Thursday 8th June 2023
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Welcome to IX PCB Sourcing

Our aim is to offer a complete PCB supply service that compliments our customers requirements.

We pride ourselves on the expertise we have gained over many years within the industry and the strong partnerships we built. Understanding fully what a manufacturing facilities true abilities are ensure the correct product fit every time. We have a strong presence in China, but also work with Eastern European facilities to support very fast turnaround requirements.

This enhancing the package we offer and strengthens our key objective – total quality of service.

“While providing service to SouthWing, Tim and his team have always been supportive and diligently provided the deliverables on time and as specified. Tim has performed as a very good communicator with the client (us) and been able to understand our needs in order to make things happen.”

Sergi Torrents – CTO of a Telecoms Manufacturer